My Story

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My name is Jourdan Saunders if you follow me on LinkedIn you will rarely read about my story. I use my platform to amplify first-person stories of people with disabilities through direct quotes. 

I share articles, websites, and information related to disability inclusion, accessibility, and ways that we can continue to push the conversation forward everyday.  It is an action that we choose to take.

I learn through listening to others, my commitment to learn more, reading, communicating, asking questions, and many other ways. 

When I was a practicing Speech Language Pathologist, I listened to children and adults with different disabilities that I worked with and they shared with me how they did not feel included in the community.  As I did more therapy in the community, it allowed me to see the need for disability inclusion beyond, just the lens of my therapy room. I started The Resource Key to help build or rebuild brand marketing strategies with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) embedded. The priority is ensuring people with disabilities are included. All the work is grounded in inclusive impact branding and community.

My Mission

As the CEO and Founder of The Resource Key any client that I work with I seek to ensure they are committed to not just checking off a box, but truly committed to moving the conversation forward, putting in actions daily, and going beyond the training. Sometimes we think of really big things, but there are small ways too that you can move the conversation and make an impact. I hope one day we will not have to have a separate conversation about disability inclusion.

"My definition of   Inclusion [action]: our daily habits."

Speaking Engagement Topics

The Urgency of Including Untapped Communities in Technology

Inclusive and Accessible Social Media

Intentional Inclusion and Accessibility

Building Disability Inclusion Starts with You: Your Personal Brand Matters"

Tools and Technology to Empower You

Digital Divide or Digital Empowerment

Cross Collaboration Across Industries for Inclusive Design: How to make an impact for people with disabilities

Incorporating Children with Disabilities into Gymnastics

Accomplishments and Publications

 Conquering the Dreaded Praxis Test

2012 Best 100 Sites for Speech Pathologists Nomination

2011 Best Student Blog Award Nomination

The Best Speech Pathology Websites and Blogs for 2016

Kidmunicate Top 75 Speech Pathology Websites

SLPs Online: Resources and Recognition


Previous Speaking Engagements

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Programs Developed

DesignReadCreate “Drawing with Words”

Adopt a Pet: Social Skills Group (Assisted Occupational Therapist with Implementation of Program) Created training videos with a team of Speech Language Pathologists to help students prepare for the transition to Clinical Fellowship in Speech Language Pathology.

GymUnique Creations: Incorporating Children with Disabilities into Gymnastics Program

Created basic sign language video for teachers and staff working with students on my caseload. Assistive technology department for the county utilized this video for teacher in-service trainings.

Color Influenced Learning: Shaping learning environments to increase student engagement

Ready, Set, Explore: Enhancing Creativity in Our Future Leaders

Clinical Fellows Handbook Resource Guide

Other Accomplishments

Future Speech Language Pathologists (Futureslps): Developed one of the 1st resource websites for students interested in the field of Speech Language Pathology.

Design Read Create: Developed reading literacy resources website.

Developed a position within a digital speech therapy company, and helped with expanding the company’s reach from Europe and Israel into North America by leading the company’s US activities closing deal on one of their first US based contracts.

Owner of one of the largest Speech Language Pathology resources groups on LinkedIn with over 19,000 members.