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About Jourdan Saunders

Jourdan Saunders, MS, CCC-SLP a Disability Inclusion Consultant, Speech Language Pathologist, Author, and Resource Generator. She is the Founder and CEO of The Resource Key which focuses on Inclusive Branding to ensure People with Disabilities are included, and making meaningful connections with brands. 

Jourdan was awarded LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: Equity in the Workplace, established one of the first resource websites for students interested in the field of Speech Language Pathology ( which has received recognition worldwide, owner of one of the largest SLP resources groups on LinkedIn with over 15,000 members. Her work has been featured in USA Gymnastics, American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), MarketWatch, PopSugar, Association of University Centers on Disability, and Kennedy Center.

Jourdan has developed inclusive gymnastics programs, reading literacy programs, and is the author of  Our Reading Literacy Kitchen: Fresh Approaches to Target Reading Literacy Skills.

Her creativity, leadership, and diverse skillset is evident from her work as an advisor to companies and organizations ranging from digital speech therapy, gymnastics, international reading literacy initiatives, culinary industry technology platform, and many more.


Grit & Flow

Grit & Flow is a unique consultancy created to increase the inclusivity of underemployed and utilized groups. Our practices are research-based and we address all clients and projects with the highest level of integrity and honesty while still providing tactful conversations about difficult topics. We are passionate about all workers, but we specialize in the integration of neurodiverse (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia) workers and persons with disabilities (PWD)


The Nooshtube™ mission is to serve as a utensil to your kitchen (similar to a spoon or a fork) where you can share your recipes, memories, and kitchen within your own traditions. 

Blossoms of Guyana

Blossoms of Guyana's mission is to improve the educational outcomes of low-income students living in Guyana. We accomplish this by providing books, computers, school and teaching supplies and renovating school libraries to help children become self-sufficient and realize their greatest potential.


AmplioSpeech is devoted to maximizing student outcomes and empowering SLPs, by delivering Digital Speech-Language Therapy to school districts and their SLPs, students and their families, special education departments and administrators. Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech equips school districts with a speech-language therapy operating system that powers speech-language therapy in the 21st century.

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